Cosy up your Bedroom this Monsoon


With the greys and gloom of Rainy Season, the craving for a warm and cosy bed also comes along. At Sleeping Owls, we have just the solution for it. 


You can either liven up you Bedroom space with bright and cheerful colours, to take the gloom out of monsoon. Switch it up with Vibrant beddings to add that extra dash of colour around.

We have a wide range of colors and sizes for you to choose from.

Another solution for a chilly monsoon morning is a Duvet. Fluffier and lighter than a Comforter, a Duvet consists of 2 separate pieces – a light Cover and an Insert tucked inside the cover. This insert or filling could be made out many different materials. Most commonly used being down or polyester filling, which provides just the right amount of insulation required for rainy season.

Benefits of a Duvet

Design : A duvet cover provides the Flexibility to change the look or feel of your bedroom all year long by just swapping up the covers.

Convenience : The separate cover and insert makes Duvet a more Versatile option, making it more compatible for the damp and cold season, as it allows you to customize the weight and warmth of your bedding. And the cover also helps increase the longevity of your duvet as it protects it from the general wear and tear.

Comfort : A separate cover assists in holding in extra warmth without the extra weight. We offer a range of duvets with Thread Counts ranging from 144 – 400 TC and 200 & 350 GSM. Since, good thread count is crucial for the Durability of the duvet and keeping the filling inside the shell intact without compromising on the breathability. It also gives the fabric a super soft feel for that added comfort.


To cater to your needs of extra seasonal comfort, you can choose from our wide variety of Duvet Sets or Duvet Covers to find the one best suited to your style.

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