Sleeping Owls Is Launching Its Brand New Product, Bamboo Towels. What To Look For Before Buying One?

Cotton towels have been there in the market for a long time. But over time, many other alternatives have been introduced, slowing earning popularity. Our latest collection includes Bamboo Towels crafted by blending natural fibers like cotton and bamboo. 

Are you wondering why did we choose bamboo to produce bathroom textiles? That’s a good question. Well, you can check out the special features of bamboo towels and then order a set from Sleeping Owls. 

Sleeping Owls Antibacterial Bamboo Towel


Great Product For The Environment 

Pollution is an ongoing concern, and considering the present limits, everyone needs to take the initiative to save our environment. Every person must do their bit to live greener lives, and incorporating bamboo in natural textile can be a fantastic alternative to protect our environment. 

Are you thinking about how using bamboo in production can be eco-friendly? The reason is the attributes of the bamboo help the plant to grow. These special species can help the plants grow to a maximum height of three feet per day.

In addition, it is 100% biodegradable and natural and provides consumers the peace of mind. It indicates that you should start using this less minimal impact product. 

Bamboo Towels Are Skin Friendly

When cotton and bamboo fibers are spun, their natural properties combine to produce a hypoallergenic and superior feeling material. The end product produced using these materials are super absorbent, which means they do not cause irritation. Also, while using the towel, you do not have to rub it on your skin. 

Anti-Bacterial Properties 

Another reason to opt for a bamboo towel instead of any others is it possesses anti-bacterial qualities naturally. After processing the bamboo tufts, the anti-bacterial properties can fight against the odor-causing bacteria. It keeps the towels fresh, and the anti-bacterial properties prevent mildew and mold that builds up on the towel. People not using a bamboo towel cannot enjoy this exclusive feature. 

Extremely Soft 

Many people complain that cotton towels are coarse and scratchy. They can replace their cotton towels with bamboo as bamboo towels are not scratchy and are extremely soft. Individuals who have sensitive skin can use bamboo towels instead of others. 

Different Sizes And Colors

The bamboo towels are available in different colors and sizes. In a pack, you get three towels; a face towel, bath towel, and hand towel. The color of the towel does not fade after you hand or machines wash. Just one thing that buyers need to ensure is using a mild detergent. 

Super Soft and Absorbent Towel
Super Soft and Absorbent Towel

Check Out The Latest Collection 

The bamboo towels make the user feel like they are in a 5-star hotel. They can get out of the tub and wrap around with the towel. The super duper soft towels are neither too thin nor too thick. That’s why you should check out the latest collection of bamboo towels available on our website, Sleeping Owls. 

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