About us

At Sleeping Owls we begin any creative process with an insightful understanding of your persona, tastes and preferences. Elegant, bold, fun, inventive- which one are you? We’re only asking because our designs are as varied as the people who we cater to. Whether you’re somebody with refined sensibilities or have a tendency to be unconventional, SleepingOwls has a product for you. A product perfectly suited for today’s customer who stays true to his/her roots and combines it with a modern contemporary style.

We would like to mention that our creativity never comes at the cost of quality. We adhere to the strictest quality standards around. We are a bit obsessive about using the best materials subject to stringent quality control measures.

Sleeping Owls- because your matters

                                    VISION & BRAND PILLARS

To remain focused in becoming one of the top trusted brands,based on the philosophy of  “Value for money” products that are innovativecreativeoffbeat and trendsetters, by continuously, customizing and responding to cherished requirements of our end users, through progressive and enviable participation of all stake-holders, both internal and external; by registering a minimum of “40% year-on-year” based growth.

Sleeping Owls - beacuse your sleep matters

                       THE HISTORY

Rathi Brothers, founded in 1985, started trading cotton bedsheet material with a 5*6 rented office space in the busiest place of kolkata, burrabazaar.

The group has transformed since its inception. The company was initially started by Mr. Bhawarlal Rathi, later joined by Jai Gopal Rathi. At present Mr. Rajesh Rathi is sole proprietor of Sleeping Owls.

Taking the same thread forward, RathiTexprint started manufacturing, adhering to the highest standards, in Ahmedabad in 2011. The coming years paved the way for expansion and bore fruit. And with it, brand Sleepingowls was born. 

Your home is your personal canvas and the way you decorate it defines who you are as a person. SleepingOwls believes that your homes are an extension of your personality and a canvas for you to express yourself. Our products are all about making you re-discover your childhood, a long- forgotten memory, or finding something new about yourselves. When you buy a SleepingOwls product you do not take home a bed sheet, pillow or a towel but a piece of yourself expressed through art, a story or a moment that you have experienced.
We’re here to create a canvas for the beautiful world out there that we seem to have forgotten in the complexities of daily life. Each theme is vibrant and designed to stimulate your senses and take your imagination on a journey to discover forgotten wonders. We encourage you to take home not just a beautiful motif on a sheet but a small, unnoticed part of this wonderful world we live in.

There are many types of bedsheets available that feature images of sleeping owls, which can add a touch of nature and whimsy to any bedroom decor. These bedsheets may feature realistic depictions of owls in natural settings, or more whimsical, cartoon-like illustrations of owls in various sleeping positions.